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We are

a powerful

an honest

a refreshing

an original

a fun

an ambitious

a daring

a vibrant

a powerful

creative agency.

We could be like everyone else, but it’s not in our nature.

The results: original marketing strategies, fresh ideas, inspiring design, insightful communications, and edgy advertising campaigns. With Mistral, nothing is left to chance.

We help brands
stand out, locally
and globally.

Founded in 2009, Mistral has carved out an enviable place for itself in the graphic design world. With bold ideas and a down-to-earth approach, Mistral helps the people at the heart of brands around the world make their mark.

After 12 years, Mistral has entered the big leagues and becomes a full-service creative agency offering a full range of consulting services and unique communication products.

We’re not your
typical creative

We’re serious,
without taking
ourselves too

At Mistral, we’re serious. We’re not just sweet and polite. We do what’s right; no half measures. We take pride in harnessing our powerful and innovative ideas to achieve exciting results. Our job is to assess your needs, understand your vision, support your goals, and make sure you stand out.

Growing brands from here and elsewhere is what drives us.

We are a team
of friendly people.

You’re not just a transaction to us. We like to take our business relationships to the next level and establish a real bond of trust. A true long-term partnership, because we like it when your story becomes a little bit ours.

Having fun while still being creative and efficient is our way of doing things.

We are a creative
agency that dares
to be bold.

Here, we blend our thinking and creating skills perfectly. We like to come up with daring concepts that are hip. We believe exploring creative avenues is the best way to grab attention, propel your business forward, and stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to make you known and promote your brand.

We are 100%

We speak English, French, and Chiac, whatever you prefer! Our team is fluently bilingual, with all the (Acadian) dialects in there as well. We’re not fancy. Talk to us in the language of your choice.

We don’t judge here. We connect better that way.

Our Values


We believe trust comes from authenticity, integrity, and collaboration. If we were any more transparent, you wouldn’t see us at all.


We’re not big on rehashing old material. We much prefer originality and fresh ideas that are out of the ordinary. We won’t reinvent the wheel, but you’ll stand out like never before.


We like games of chance, but not in business. Our solutions are based on informed and careful considerations.


When we work together, you become part of our family. We’ll see each other, talk to each other, write to each other, as often as you like.

Our team of
passionate creatives.

Our team is gold. We care about each other, we celebrate together, we help and inspire each other. We do everything as a team: laugh, eat, take breaks, laugh some more, have a great time. Everything is - just about - perfect (with the exception of our two country music fans…)

Oh and we work, too. Often together. It’s so much more efficient that way!

Owner and Lead Strategist
Creative Director
Art Director
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Producer & Ideator
Brand activation & Event specialist
Marie-France Thibault
Catherine Audy
Digital Marketing and Project Manager