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Strategy \ Branding

The health sector is experiencing a shortage in theworkforce: a nationwide crisis that has hit the sectorhard. Vitalité Health Network recognized the need to reassess its positioning and brand identity in order to attract a larger pool of prospective employees and secure its future.


The objective was to convey their essence through a fresh brand image and visual representation, prompting Vitalité Health Network to seek assistance from our team.


Vitalité Health Network’s brand is full of vibrancy and movement. The circular shape captures the essence of what being part of a team at Vitalité feels like - bonds between people. The vibrant colour palette evoke sense of both trust and innovation. The font is timeless and offers great legibility for smaller application.

Vitalité's billboard
Phone mockup showcasing Vitalité's social media posts
Vitalité's font
Vitalité's tagline
Posters for Vitalité
Web banner for Vitalité
A collection of different communication tools for Vitalité
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