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Capitol Theatre

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The Capitol Theatre, located in downtown Moncton, is a beautifully restored vaudeville house dating back to the 1920s, with a seating capacity of 780. It is considered an important cultural center for the city, offering a variety of shows and events for all tastes.


For the 2022-2023 season, our agency was tasked with creating a new brand image for the Capitol Theatre, targeting a younger clientele and representing the unique experience that audiences have when attending a performance in this iconic venue. Our main goal was to stand out in the cultural world by creating a fresh and trendy brand image.


We opted for a vibrant and eye-catching visual concept, which nods to the stage lighting. The title is in the foreground, with a photo that wraps it all up, giving a glimpse of the unique visual and auditory experience that audiences can expect at the Capitol Theatre.

We created a brand image that not only reflects the history and prestige of the Capitol Theatre, but is also appealing to a younger clientele. The new visual concept allows the Capitol Theatre to stand out in the cultural industry and attract a wider and more diverse audience.

Flyer for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding containing their 2022-2023 programming
Animated GIF showing the making of the new Capitol Theater logo
Posters for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding
Billboard for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding and tagline "Love it Live"
Instagram posts for Capitol Theater showing their new branding
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