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Capitol Theatre

Strategic analysis \ Brand repositioning \ Visual identity \ Branding \ Brand name \ Slogan \ Communication tools \ Stationary

The Capitol Theater in downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is a restored 780-seat vaudeville house dating from the 1920s on Main Street that serves as the center of cultural entertainment for the city.


The mandate was to create a new brand image for the Capitol Theatre’s new programming for the 2022-2023 season.


With the theme: Fresh and Trendy, the main objective was to represent the unique experience that the public feels when they come for a performance at the Capitol Theatre as well as to stand out in the cultural world. In this concept, we reference the stage lighting in an illuminated, lively and attractive visual. The title in the foreground with a photo wraps it all up.

Flyer for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding containing their 2022-2023 programming
Animated GIF showing the making of the new Capitol Theater logo
Posters for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding
Billboard for Capitol Theater featuring their new branding and tagline "Love it Live"
Instagram posts for Capitol Theater showing their new branding
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