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C Media

Branding \ logo

This grouping of Francophone radio stations offers a unique platform to several communities to entertain, inform, and unite them.


Our agency was commissioned to develop a common logo and brand image for the four radio stations that would remain connected to their respective communities.


We worked closely with the station team to understand their vision and desired positioning. Our goal was to create a professional brand image that remains close and connected to the community.

We emphasized a simple and modern design for the logo, using bright colors and shapes reminiscent of radio broadcasting. We also worked on the brand's visual identity, using vibrant and modern images to make it a dynamic and attractive whole to attract the attention of younger listeners.

Our approach has allowed us to develop a strong brand image that is both professional and accessible for C Médias. This new visual will help attract new listeners and retain existing listeners while strengthening the stations' position as leaders in the Francophone radio industry.

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