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Aboiteau Beach

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Located in the heart of Acadie, this beautiful golden sand beach is a must-visit destination for families in the summer. It's a true local tourist gem that attracts many visitors every year.


Our mandate was to create a new brand image for this family beach, including a new logo, signage, and slogan. We also implemented a promotion campaign to attract local visitors, following a significant decrease in out-of-region tourist traffic due to the pandemic.


The new visual identity was created to reflect the sunny atmosphere and pleasures of Aboiteau Beach, while being easily identifiable and memorable. The bright colors and fluid shapes evoke the summery atmosphere of the place and invite visitors to come and enjoy the beach.

With the slogan "Where you want to be," we invite the population to come and discover this exceptional beach and not miss a thing of summer while creating unforgettable memories.

In summary, this new brand image for Aboiteau Beach was designed to generate interest and excitement among local visitors while strengthening the tourist appeal of this summer destination.

Vector branding indicating where Aboiteau Beach is and advertising poster
Billboard for Aboiteau Beach
Social media posts for Aboiteau Beach
Business cards for Aboiteau Beach located in Cap-Pele in New Brunswick
Aboiteau Beach signage
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